About the Company

Barq Al-Ramay was established by sons of the nation, with a vision to nurture the Saudi youth's passion and develop their skills in hunting. Prioritizing the buyer's safety, the company seeks the best and safest possibilities for all purchasers through education and training on the Falcon Club platform. Being a company that enables its pioneers to pursue their passion for hunting and shooting sports, Barq Al-Ramay, by the grace of God, possesses the administrative capability to supply all quantities and varieties of firearms and ammunition demanded by the local and regional markets, enabling a unique experience that requires reliable weaponry.

Our History

From the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Barq Al-Ramai was established in 2021 due to the inherited passion for hunting from our esteemed rulers and their interest in this field. Additionally, carrying firearms has now become more common. As we are a nation of determination and strength, our passion for acquiring weapons and hunting is derived from the values of our authentic culture. It's a popular art form that reflects our ancient civilization as a shining beacon spreading the ray of power everywhere. Barq Al-Ramai has also established major relationships with international companies to provide the best and finest weapons, ammunition, and shooting competition requirements. It has commendably succeeded in providing hard-to-find weapons, even if they are distinctive pieces or limited editions (sometimes listed with waiting times of up to two years), making them readily available in the Saudi market as a Saudi-origin company.

Our Goals

Team's Work Methodology